Rolling Stars:

This is the beginning level at Buckeye Gymnastics. The recommended age is six years old (in first grade) and above. The gymnasts will learn such basic skills as: cartwheel on the floor, pullover on the bars, vaulting approach and drills, and also the appropriate safety rules for each event. They will also receive instruction on the trampoline and tumble trampoline.

Boys Gymnastics

This is the beginning level at Buckeye Gymnastics and is designed to introduce boys, ages 6 years (in 1st grade) and older to the sport of gymnastics. Students will learn the fundamental skills of the Men’s USA Gymnastics events. Floor exercise, mushroom (training for pommel horse), rings, vault, high bar, and parallel bars. In addition students will also do strength conditioning and receive instruction on the trampoline and tumble trampoline. This is a 70-minute class.

Future Stars:

Students advance to Future Stars when all the basic skills for Rolling Stars are mastered. Basic skills taught in this class are backbend kick-over on the floor, back-hip circle on the bars, handstand flat-back on vault (onto mats). Safety rules will continue to be stressed at this level.

Rising Stars:

This class is for gymnasts who have progressed beyond the beginner level. More time is allotted per event at this level, as students begin to learn more advanced skills on each event. Handsprings are introduced at this level. There is also more emphasis on strength and flexibility. Safety rules are continually stressed at every level.

Gym Stars:

This is our most advanced class level at Buckeye. Gymnasts will focus on more difficult skills on all apparatus. This class will prepare gymnasts for competitive gymnastics, train them to become stronger athletes, or just allow them to enjoy the challenge of gymnastics.