Buckeye Bear Classes

Bear Cubs:

(Walking well – 3 years old) 40 minutes

This is a Parent Participation class. At least one adult must attend. We emphasize fun and high-fives but the children are expected to work a bit more independently. Parents will be involved as an aid to the children as they develop the basics of rolling, jumping and climbing independently. In addition, the children are learning to watch, listen and follow basic directions.

Bouncing Bears:

(3 – 3 ½ years old) 40 minutes

This is a Parent Participation class with a twist. As the child proves that they can move along with the class and through the circuits independently, we will encourage the Parent to step back more and more. Eventually the participating parent will be asked to sit back and enjoy watching the class from the lobby. We ask that you DO NOT leave the gym. The skills evolve as we add complexity and challenges. Forward rolls, strong arms, walking on toes in different directions and skill names are just a few of the challenges. We encourage the children to go higher, farther and faster; and they can do it.

Climbing Bears:

(3 ½ – 4 years old) 40 minutes

These children participate independently. At this age, the children are using basic athletic skills and turning them into gymnastics skills. While finding their independence and learning to follow directions and circuits on their own, they are doing forward rolls, backward rolls, strong supports on top of the bar, cartwheels and handstand basics. We will challenge them to do these skills with form and finish.

Gym Bears:

(4 – 4 ½ years old) 40 minutes

As the children build strength, balance, flexibility, and agility more skills are attainable. Skills emphasized include backward roll to the feet, forward rolls with a correct finish, cartwheels with a beginning and an ending and connecting skills on the trampoline, just to name a few.

Jumping Bears:

(4 ½ – 5 years old) 40 minutes

At this age the children want to be challenged to try harder skills, do skills correctly and finish everything strong. The children will learn skills you may see many older gymnasts doing throughout the gym. The skills mastered at this level will continue to be built upon throughout their gymnastics career.

Kinder Bears:

(5 – 5 1/2 years old) 40 minutes

At this age the children are challenged with the smaller details. A cartwheel will be asked to be done with correct lunges before and after, and straight legs throughout. A pullover will be asked to be done with legs together and straight from the beginning. Bigger skills will be introduced along with connecting skills; bridge with elevated feet, cast back hip circle, leaps to an arabesque and so on. Strength building exercises will become part of the curriculum as we seek to develop the strength and flexibility needed to master the skills.

Tumble Bears:

(5 1/2 – 6 years old) 60 minutes

The Tumble Bears come for an hour and participate on both preschool and big kid class equipment. This class bridges the gap between preschool and the school-aged program. These children are no longer toddlers and will be treated with that respect. They are expected to do more and pay more attention while still having as much fun as previously experienced.