What to expect during class at Buckeye Gymnastics

Cartwheels, handstands, walking on the 4-inch-wide beams, bouncing on the trampolines and learning cheers are what we do at Buckeye. We just do them a little differently. The teachers wear masks as do all adults in the gym, we maintain 6’ distancing, and the kids will sanitize their hands after every events. Classes are smaller and the equipment is disinfected after every class.

While the weather is nice the doors remain open and the HVAC units keeps the gym cool. When the weather gets cold our bipolar ionization units will rid the air in the gym of bacteria and viruses including the Covid-19 virus. Buckeye follows or exceeds all Ohio Department of Health mandates.

Find complete details on our home page at “Covid-19 Safety Measures”. Click on “What to expect during class at Buckeye” on the pull-down menu.

Buckeye Bears

Preschool Gymnastics: Girls and Boys

Ages: Walking well through kindergarten

Gymnastics training lays a solid foundation for future participation in all sports.

Perhaps most importantly it develops a positive attitude toward learning because the children experience success and learn that physical action is fun.

All of our Buckeye Bear classes are held in separate areas of the gym that are filled with equipment and activities designed just for our youngest students.

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Buckeye Stars

School-age Girls Gymnastics

Beginner to Advanced

The first thing you notice when entering either of our gyms is how big, bright, and clean they are. Then you notice the equipment. Buckeye is packed wall-to-wall with state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment.

We do not believe in lines so we do not offer one beam… we will have  eight. We don’t have one bar… we will have six. Not one trampoline… but two or three!

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Tumbling and Trampoline TNT


Girls and Boys

Beginner to Advanced

Tumbling and Trampoline, otherwise known as TNT is for all children who love to run, bounce, fly, spin, and have lots of fun.

Jumping on trampoline requires the development of core body strength in order to hit and maintain positions. Tumbling requires speed, power and strength along with well-developed core strength.

Scarlet & Gray Team

Skill evaluation required.

Compete in Central Ohio

The Scarlet & Gray Teams are non-select, girls competition gymnastics teams. All girls who have passed the Rising Star level and can demonstrate mastery of the skills at that level are eligible.

S&G Team members register every month just as they would for any other class. The S & G teams train 2-6 hours a week.

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