Buckeye Warriors

Our Warrior program is designed to enhance all sports and athletics by combining age appropriate gymnastics, obstacle course training and free movement skills with a safe and fun way of gaining strength, speed, endurance and spatial awareness for all athletes.

Little Warriors: ages 4-5

Mighty Warriors: ages 6-7

Ultimate Warriors: ages 7 years and up


Trampoline and Tumbling:

TNT is our trampoline and tumbling class that is available for students with specific interests in tumbling and trampoline from basic cartwheels to more advanced skills. No flips are taught or performed at the TNT 1 level. Students can advance from level 1 to level 3. Our trampoline classes are conducted entirely on the trampoline, tumble trampoline and floor.

Tumbling specific classes can be found under cheerleading where we offer tumble for cheer from beginning to advanced levels.

TNT 1:

Boys or Girls, ages 6 – 18. Beginner tumbling and trampoline class. No Experience required.

TNT 2:

Boys or Girls, ages 6 – 18. Intermediate tumbling and trampoline class. Instructor recommendation required.