Cheer Fundamentals:

This class is offered to students ages 5 & 6 years old and 7 – 9 years old. Cheer Fundamental students will learn all things all-star cheerleading! Coaches will instruct students on motions, learning how to move to eight counts, jumps, tumbling, and beginner stunting! This class is for those who are interested in all-star cheerleading but who are not ready for the full competitive team commitment! This class is also great to keep your cheerleader training in the off season!

Novice I TFC :

Novice I is our beginner level tumbling class! Students will learn the much-needed basic foundational skills that will allow them to build upon their tumbling foundation for years to come! Starting with the most important skill of all, the handstand, students will also learn other skills such as the backward and forward roll, cartwheel, bridge, bridge kickover, and backbend kickover. Round offs and front limbers will be introduced and worked on in this class as well. The over all focus will be to develop strong, basic skills, muscle development, and the tumbling coordination they will need to help them further a successful tumbling career!

Novice II TFC :

This class requires students to have an unassisted backbend kickover on a flat mat or cheer floor. During this class, students will continue to work on perfecting the skills from Novice I as well as begin to work towards a cartwheel back walkover and round off jump back. Students will work on skill connection in this class to get ready for more challenging skills later. Students will master the front and back walkover in this class. After this, the student is ready to learn the back handspring. Back handspring shaping drills will allow for students to understand the mechanics of the back handspring. Once the student has learned a solid round off throw back and can jump enough, the student will get a spot on the back handspring. The main goal of this is to get the student to do a back handspring unassisted on the Tumble Trak.

Intermediate TFC :

We highly encourage students who enter this class to have completed our Novice I and Novice II classes. This class has a skill requirement of an unassisted back handspring on any surface within our gym. A large part of this class will be mastering the standing back handspring as well as the round off back handspring. Students will continue to perfect their round off to increase power in their running tumbling. Combination passes will be introduced which can be helpful for sideline cheer! Front tumbling will be introduced such as the punch front and connecting the front walkover to a round off and so on. Students will learn round off multiple back handsprings to develop enough power to begin back tucks.

Advance TFC :

This class requires students to perform a round off back handspring back tuck on the Tumble Trak and it is highly encouraged students complete our Intermediate TFC class. This class will focus on tucks and layouts. Students will fine tune their technique on back handsprings which will help them perform these skills properly. Once the technique for the tuck and layout have been achieved, twisting will be introduced.