Cheer & Warrior

What to expect during class at Buckeye

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your child’s class. Your child may put their shoes, socks, and any personal items in a cubby which are in the lobby. Then they should head directly to their class meeting area where the instructors will call out the class right on time. The athletes will do a group warm-up and then will divide into classes. Classes will include all gymnastics events in addition to strength and conditioning. Classes vary in length depending on the level. Parent viewing areas are provided in each gym.

Parents can also view classes online using the Spot TV ap. Please stop by the front desk with any questions you may have.

Tumble For Cheer

We start with the basics such as handstands and cartwheels and then we build toward Back Handsprings.

Buckeye has been teaching Back Handsprings and higher level cheer skills for over 30 years.

Whether you are just starting or ready to start twisting we have a Tumble for Cheer class for you.

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Buckeye Cheer Stars

No Auditions. October – March.

The Buckeye Cheer Stars is a beginning level cheer team for those looking for an introduction to competition cheerleading.

We group the girls by age and ability when the teams are formed. Then the girls work to learn cheers, tumbling, lifts, and formations as they create and learn their routine.

Starting in December or January the girls will begin competing in Central Ohio. Expect 3-4 competitions with at least one major competition to conclude the season.

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Buckeye Warriors

Combine gymnastics, martial arts, trampoline, Parkour, obstacle courses, climbing ropes, and nets and what do you get? Buckeye Warriors! That’s what.

This hugely popular programs packs all these elements into a structured program that builds strength, skill and confidence for boys and girls. Students will build their individual skills each week and then demonstrate Warrior Mastery in a series of Warrior Obstacle Course Races several times each year.

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