David Holcomb founded Buckeye Gymnastics in November 1982.

In January 1983, Buckeye opened the doors to their new 4,680 sq/ft gym near Worthington. The total enrollment of Buckeye Gymnastics at that time was 52 children.

Now, Buckeye Gymnastics operates in over 45,000 sq/ft of space in Powell and Westerville and serves thousands of students each week in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, tumbling, birthday parties, competition teams, special needs, and summer camps.

While most of our students never compete in gymnastics or cheerleading, many do, and over the years, Buckeye Gymnastics has won numerous National Titles. We have competed in over a dozen countries, traveled and competed in 38 of the 50 states, sent scores of athletes off to college with full scholarships, and enjoyed watching these fine athletes become mothers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, physical therapists, and everything else that talented and determined girls become.

The point is that we use the experts who train our top athletes (including an Olympian and a World Championships coach) to train our entire staff on technique, drills, and progressions. This means that every student at Buckeye Gymnastics receives professional instruction from teachers who are experienced, extensively trained, background-checked, and child-centered.

We believe it is this combination of expert instruction and an approach that emphasizes fun and positive experiences, along with loads of action and lots and lots of turns, that has allowed us to grow from very modest beginnings into one of the top gyms in the USA.

David Holcomb is still the owner and guiding light at Buckeye Gymnastics. It is his job to ensure that only the best teachers and coaches are hired and that these special teachers have the facilities, equipment, and training they need to do a great job with our students.

Our Mission

We exist to develop the talents and abilities of our students, to support the dreams and aspirations of our athletes, and to teach the fun of physical movement as we prepare the children for a lifetime of physical activity.

We believe that gymnastics training at a young age prepares children for a life time of physical activity.

We believe that gymnastics training is the best place for children to learn basic motor development skills that will prepare them for any sport they are likely to try.

We believe that gymnastics training at Buckeye Gymnasts will teach our students that physical activity is fun and will instill the belief that they can succeed if they will just try.

We believe that gymnastics is fun fitness.

For our students who want to become gymnasts and cheerleaders, we believe that Buckeye is the best place to achieve their dreams. The achievements of our students and teams speak for themselves.