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Why Buckeye Gymnastics?

We develop the talents and abilities of our students, to support the dreams and aspirations of our athletes, and to teach the fun of physical movement as we prepare the children for a lifetime of physical activity.

Now Buckeye operates in over 45,000 sq/ft of space in Powell and Westerville and serves thousands students each week in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, tumbling, birthday parties, competition teams, special needs, and summer camps.

While most of our students never compete in gymnastics or cheerleading many do and over the years Buckeye has won numerous National Titles, we have competed in over a dozen countries, traveled and competed in 38 of the 50 states, sent scores of athletes off to college with full scholarships, and enjoyed watching these fine athletes become mothers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, physical therapists, and everything else that talented and determined girls become.

The point of all of this is that we use the experts who train our top athletes (including an Olympian and a World Championships coach) to train our entire staff on technique, drills, and progressions. This means that every student at Buckeye Gymnastics receives professional instruction from teachers who are experienced, extensively trained, background checked, and child centered.

We believe it is this combination of expert instruction and an approach that emphasizes fun and positive experiences along with loads of action and lots and lots of turns, that has allowed us to grow from very modest beginnings into one of the top gyms in the USA.

David Holcomb is still the owner and guiding light at Buckeye Gymnastics. It is his job to insure that only the best teachers and coaches are hired and that these special teachers are provided with the facilities, equipment and training they need to do a great job with our students.

Who We Are

Buckeye Gymnastics is the largest gymnastics program in Central Ohio and the most successful gymnastics program in the State of Ohio. Buckeye Gymnastics offers state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facilities in two locations in South Delaware County serving the communities of Westerville, Worthington, Powell, Dublin, New Albany, Sunbury, Lewis Center, Gahanna, Northland and more. Buckeye Gymnastics offers its programs in over 45,000 sq/ft of beautifully designed gym space that provides room for our many programs.

Our variety of programs include:

Competition Teams:

Special Events:

Buckeye Gymnastics has served over 50,000 central Ohio families since we opened our doors nearly 30 years ago. We have probably taught more children how to perform back handsprings than any other program in Ohio. The gym owner, David Holcomb, has presented over 200 lectures at Regional and National Congress for USA Gymnastics in the past decade on such topics as gym design, safety, attracting top teaching talent, organizing competitive team programs, training for superior customer service, and other business related issues. In fact, David received gymnastics’ highest honor for a gymnastics school owner and director when he received the USA Gymnastics Business Leader Award in 2002 and again in 2007.

At Buckeye Gymnastics we believe children should be participants and not observers. We believe the best way to encourage a love of movement and sport is to provide instruction that enables the successful accomplishment of small steps so that an expectation of success and enjoyment is fostered. We believe every child has talents and abilities and that it is our mission to help our students develop them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do gymnastics?

There are numerous physical and mental advantages to participating in gymnastics. It fosters the development of strength, flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. In addition, it encourages children to stay active and maintain their fitness. Gymnastics classes provide a secure and supervised environment where kids can forge meaningful friendships. Moreover, gymnastics instills indispensable mental attributes such as perseverance, patience, and mental toughness.

How old does my child have to be to start gymnastics?

We accept children who are able to walk well. Their first class will be a 40 minute parent participation class, where at least one adult must attend. We emphasize fun and high-fives but the children are expected to work a bit more independently. Parents will be involved as an aid to the children as they develop the basics of rolling, jumping and climbing independently. In addition, the children are learning to watch, listen and follow basic directions.

Which class is best for my child?

We offer classes for every age level and ability, from preschool to young adults. We will access your child on their physical and emotional readiness and age to determine the class best suited for their level of development.

What skills do I need to move into competitive gymnastics or cheer?

The Scarlet and Grey Team is a recreational, instructor recommended girl’s competitive team. All girls who can demonstrate the required skills are eligible to participate. Scarlet and Grey Team members register just as they would for any other class.

Participation within our USAG Team program is determined through an audition process held in the spring. It is not that we want to eliminate anyone who wants to participate, it is that we want the children who do participate to have the skills, strength, attitude, and supportive parents that will allow them to succeed.

Buckeye Cheer Star (BCS) Programs are a non-select recreation version of the traditional all-star team. At Buckeye we already compete in all-star cheerleading through Buckeye Cheer Elite. The BCS teams will train fewer hours each week, they will compete less frequently, and the costs associated with the Buckeye Cheer Stars program are much lower. 

Buckeye Cheer Elite (BCE) All Stars is a competitive cheerleading program for both girls and boys ages 18 and under and requires an audition. At BCE we believe in pushing our athletes to their fullest potential. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach skills and to develop talent. At BCE we prepare our athletes for the future beyond the world of All Star cheerleading.  We not only look at what can be accomplished in a season but also what we can do for each and every individual to help them reach their dreams and take cheerleading to that next level.

How does my child progress to the next level?

Students advance to the next level upon mastering all necessary basic skills for their class and meeting the age requirement, unless otherwise determined by one of our coaches.

What should my child wear to class?

Gymnasts are encouraged to wear a leotard for class. There are a variety of styles, including short or long sleeves, as well as unitards. Gymnasts can also choose to wear shorts or leggings on top of their leotard. If a leotard is not available, shorts with no buttons or zips, paired with a t-shirt, are suitable alternatives.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

100% money back for new families/students. Notify us in writing (please email registration@buckeyegymnastics.com) for a full refund within the first two weeks of enrollment to receive your refund.

Is my teenage child too old to start gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Regardless of your age, there are no limits when it comes to having fun and staying active. If you decide to try recreational gymnastics at a later stage in life, it may require a bit more effort to regain your flexibility, but it is certainly achievable.